Wind blows fair on energy

Nearly half of all infrastructure projects currently in the British planning pipeline are for renewable energy.

A total of £81 billion is expected to to be invested in 405 schemes currently being planned. Of that total 388 are classed as new-build ventures.

Information company Barbour ABI said this highlights the growing importance of green energy schemes to the country’s wider construction industry. Its lead economist, Michael Dall, described the findings as “staggering” and added that investment levels are unlikely to weaken soon.

He said utilities were the major infrastructure project type in September and that construction firms operating in the renewable energy industry can look forward to a bright future. Nine of the 10 most valuable green energy schemes in the pipeline relate to wind farms.

Publication of the Barbour ABI report came as the European Commission announced plans to invest 75 million euros in UK energy infrastructure projects.


Article posted 5/11/2014