‘We’re unbeatable’


A winning combination makes the earth move



A Glasgow business that supplies up to 250,000 tonnes of topsoil a year believes it has come up with an unbeatable combination for delivering loads.

Allstone Glasgow Ltd’s new Scania tipper is fitted with a Slide ‘n’ Go sheeting system and lightweight front end tipping gear, both from HARSH, and director and co-owner Stewart McNeish explained: “In our experience, the HARSH front to back sheeting system is the only one that guarantees 100% weather protection for the load being carried.

“It also enables us to deliver exactly the same amount of material each time, because wet soil is obviously very heavy and the last thing we want to be doing is having a large part of our payload being water.”

The front to back operation allows for easy loading from either side of the vehicle, with little risk of a shovel damaging the sheet. And when traveling with the sheet in the closed position, the truck’s aerodynamics are improved, giving a small improvement in fuel economy.

McNeish is similarly impressed by the company’s backup service. “We had a repair issue with an early HARSH sheet but their service people got it sorted very quickly and entirely at their own expense.”

The company’s new Scania has been specified with the smaller and lighter P cab as well as with a lightweight HARSH combined ram and tank front end tipping cylinder. The body is a single skinned, all-steel Loadmaster Lite, built by Thompsons at its factory outside Edinburgh.

“You might describe the truck we really need as a lightweight heavy duty tipper,” said Allstone’s transport manager Robert Tipping. “We can’t compromise on the ability of the truck to handle all our jobs – which also include moving stone, aggregates and recyclables – but we do want to save weight wherever possible. The HARSH cylinder gives us a worthwhile few extra kilos of carrying capacity.”

McNeish went on: “Our aim is for zero downtime, top fuel economy, happy drivers and maximum residual value. As a specific example, the vehicle that our new Scania has just replaced had multiple bodywork problems, so this time we had no hesitation in choosing a Thompsons Loadmaster, especially as they are now built locally. Right now, we think the Scania/HARSH/Thompsons combination looks unbeatable.”

Founded by McNeish and co-owner Gerry Sweeney, Allstone Glasgow operates from a 200-acre site at Milton of Campsie and also runs plant hire and crushing and screening operations.


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