Strength in numbers


Two companies have joined forces to compete against some of the biggest names in Scotland’s engineering industry.

Walkerweld Engineering and Mitchell Engineering Group have merged to form Walker Mitchell Holdings, although both companies will continue to trade under their existing names. The directors are Jim Stevenson of Walkerweld and Rob McKeown of Mitchell.

Jim Stevenson with one of several SANY excavators modified by Walkerweld to add elevated cabs.

The business is operating from a 35,000 sq. ft. complex in the east end of Glasgow and sees Walkerweld’s skills in welding, fabrication and plant repair mesh with its partner’s expertise in complex heavy machining, bending and rolling. “The two companies absolutely complement each other,” said Stevenson. “It gives us each greater capacity and together we can compete for contracts that perhaps we weren’t equipped for individually.”

Mitchell is heavily involved in the oil and gas industry and services high-profile clients including Rolls-Royce and a number of American companies across a raft of other sectors. Walkerweld is involved in the construction plant, marine, rail and structural steel sectors and in recent years has been expanding its operations to include in-situ electroplating, line boring and milling, stud drilling, machining hydraulic rams and cylinder repair services.

The merger was completed late last year and Stevenson said the partners are gradually becoming acquainted. “One of the first challenges we had to focus on was to review and streamline our quality standards and management systems and our processes, from initial enquiries through to completing contracts. The aim is to produce a format that will guide procedures across the entire operation.”

The merged business is based at a 35,000 sq. ft. facility in the east end.

Stevenson has wasted no time in rationalising both sets of quality procedures, resulting in the successful completion of external audits last month by the British Board of Agrément accredited by UKAS. “That gives us a combination of knowledge, skillset and service to satisfy many industry sectors and their exacting requirements,” said Stevenson.

He added: “Both companies have very solid reputations in their own right so together we are much stronger and competitive. The potential for this merged business is exciting; it’s a great opportunity.”


♦ On the plant side of the business, Walkerweld has been kept busy modifying machines for customers of SANY excavator dealer TDL Equipment. Work has included adapting several machines into high-rise cabs for Dow Waste Management of Cumbernauld and upgrading machines to demolition specification for other customers.



Article posted 30/1/2018

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