McLeod is having a blast


Contractor R J McLeod will carry out a series of rock blasts next week as it prepares to improve a notorious hairpin bend on the A9.

The contractor wants to determine the geotechnical properties of the underlying rock at Berriedale Braes in Caithness, one of the country’s most difficult bends for HG drivers, and will carry out four small-scale trial blasts on Tuesday (26th).

Kevin Knox, project manager at Transport Scotland, said: “This investigation work is essential to inform the contractor’s plan for excavating the rock later this year to construct the improvements required to remove the hairpin bend.”

The £9.6m Berriedale Braes project will realign the road to eliminate a bend once ranked as the most dangerous Scottish road in winter for HGVs.

See aerial footage of Berriedale Braes


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