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Hirer gets locked up for safety

By Mike Travers

A Glasgow plant hirer has taken a lead in making sites safer for construction workers.

Eagle Plant Hire has bought in extensive stocks of a guardrail system for access towers and says a number of its contractor customers are already considering making it mandatory on their sites.

The Cam-Lock Advance Guardrail (AGR) is an alternative build method for BoSS Clima and BoSS Ladderspan towers and was designed to provide greater stability, improve safety and reduce losses.

Eagle director Colin Inglis said the product is attracting great interest from contractors in Scotland. Some have stipulated that towers without Cam-Lock or similar guardrails will not be allowed on their sites and more are expected to follow suit.


The system is safer for site workers to use and has fewer parts.

“We’re one of the first companies in Scotland to make a substantial investment in this system. Because of the inherent safety aspects some of our own customers now regard its use as a ‘best practice’ option.

“The word is spreading and we believe that in time it could become very difficult for access towers without such guard systems to satisfy contractors’ health and safety requirements.”

Pete Wishart, regional sales manager at Youngman Group, said Eagle was one of “a select few” companies to invest in the system. “Health and safety is of paramount concern in all areas of construction and an increasing number of companies are demanding that AGR is mandatory on all sites, Kier being one example. Eagle has recognised this and has invested accordingly.”


Easy to lock into position.

Glasgow contractor CBC has been specifying the Advanced Guard Rail system for some time according to head of procurement, Alistair Murray. “The advantage of the AGR system is that the safety guard is in place before the operative ascends the platform, hence reducing the potential of the operative falling from height during the build.”

He added: “The system also has fewer parts and has an easy-to-use locking mechanism for the guardrails. Our operatives find it very user friendly and safe to use on relevant tasks.”

Inglis said conventional BoSS build systems would continue to be available for sites where Cam-Lock is not mandatory.


Article posted 13/4/2015