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Eagle is off to a flyer

More kit is arriving weekly at a Glasgow plant hire business as it accelerates its expansion plans.

“To be honest I could give you a list as long as my arm of new equipment arriving,” said Colin Inglis, director at Eagle Plant Hire. Latest additions include four Kubota excavators, a pair of Mercedes pick-ups, power screeds and floats, generators, road-tow compressors, alloy towers and Stihl saws. In the coming weeks the attention will switch to recruiting new sales staff, hire desk personnel and drivers.


Four new Kubotas are joining the fleet.

The latest investment is on top of a £330,000 spend at the end of 2013 on new equipment and expanding the workshop and storage facilities to cope with a surge in demand and to help meet its target of doubling turnover over the next four years. That target may now be achieved earlier than anticipated. “Business is really taking off,” said Inglis, “and it’s being driven by groundworks and utilities customers. We’re also moving into the supply of barrier fencing and road signs and one of the new Mercedes will be dedicated to delivering those products.”

A further four excavators are also on the cards although a decision on manufacturer/dealer has yet to be made by Colin and his co-director and brother Alan.