Crackdown on illegal workers


The organisation that monitors the image of the construction industry is cracking down on illegal workers and poor road safety practices.

Assessors will check ‘right to work’ credentials.

A new checklist for assessing and scoring sites, companies and suppliers’ performances was put in place this month by The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) which said illegal working and better safety are “pressing issues” requiring a more concerted effort.

The latest move is designed to encourage companies and supply chains to ensure the legitimacy of their workforce. Assessors for the scheme will need to know if processes are in place to ensure sub-contractors and subsequent sub-contractors are conducting ‘right to work’ checks. They’ll also be seeking evidence that physical spot checks are carried out along the supply chain.

Two questions have also been added to the checklist to encourage road safety. The answers will help assess the extent to which CLOCS – the national standard for Construction Logistics and Community Safety – is embedded across scheme-registered sites, companies and suppliers.

A CCS spokesman said: “This enhancement to the checklist will gauge the level to which those registered with the scheme are helping to raise safety standards for every road user and pedestrian affected by construction vehicles.”




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Article posted 8/1/2017