Blast-off at Aberdeen bypass

A “complex” programme of rock drilling and blasting will begin on the Aberdeen bypass (AWPR) route next week.

The works will help lower the ground to the new road level and the excavated rock and earth will be reused along the length of the roads to form embankments and as aggregates for concrete, road and drainage operations.

Residents between Rothnick and Cleanhill have been warned to expect sirens and ‘dull thuds’ from July 22. A spokesman for contractor consortium Aberdeen Roads Ltd said: “The works are complex and it is difficult to predict a precise programme, however it is expected to take around 14 weeks and blasting times will be between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday only, with the aim of one blast each day.”

Alan Gibson, general manager at Aberdeen Roads, added: “Safety is the most important factor as we move this construction programme forward and ensuring the local community is aware of these major earthworks and blasting operations is a vital part of our planning process.

“These works will be carried out with minimal disruption to surrounding communities as our specialist contractors have significant experience in this type of work. People nearby may hear a dull thud immediately after blast and may see a small plume of dust.”


Article posted 10/7/2015

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