Bids due on £150m water

Applications to tender will close next week for Scottish Water contracts worth up to £150m.

The company is expected to appoint four Tier 1 framework partners for its Quality and Standards IV (Q&SIV) capital investment programme until 2021. It said that “to realise the optimum balance between self delivery and wider supply chain delivery” Tier 1 partners will sub-contract work only to Tier 2 framework contractors.

It added that support would be required mainly in the central belt and the north-east and that the successful bidders would be able to provide self-delivery in those areas. “Although prices will be sought for work across Scotland the commercial evaluation will be based on work in these two areas,” said a spokesman.

The framework could be extended at the company’s discretion into the next regulatory period. Projects allocated under the agreement will involve design and construction and construction-only of clean water network assets. Estimated value is between £50m to £150m.

Deadline for receipt of tenders or requests to participate is July 16.


Article posted 6/7/2015

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