A new voice for demolition


The new organisation set up to represent Scotland’s £150m demolition industry says there has never been a more important time to make its voice heard.

Coming down: North Lanarkshire high rises.

The Demolition Contractors’ Association held its first meeting on Wednesday and was launched as plans to clear high-rise buildings from Scotland’s skyline continue to gather momentum. In December, North Lanarkshire Council outlined plans to dismantle every one of its 48 tower blocks ­– containing 4,000 homes – over the next two decades and replace them with low-rise accommodation.

Representatives from 20 contractors met in Cumbernauld under the chairmanship of James Caldwell, a director of Glasgow business JCJ Group.

“With an ongoing drive to modernise Scotland’s building stock and as an integral part of the wider Scottish construction industry, there can be no doubt that the demolition sector will have a crucial role to play in the years ahead in developing a built environment in Scotland that is fit for the future,” Caldwell said. “Set in that context, there has never been a more important time for the Scottish demolition sector to make its voice heard.”

The association said it will protect and improve the industry’s image, promote continued professionalism and attract more Scottish workers to consider careers in demolition.

Set up under the auspices of employers’ trade body the Scottish Building Federation (SBF), the association estimates that the industry directly employs around 2,500 workers in Scotland.

Association chairman James Caldwell and SBF chief executive Vaughan Hart are seeking early meetings with client bodies and other organisations to lay out their plans in greater detail.



Article posted 7/2/2018

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